Sunday, September 27, 2009

East Coast Baked Ziti

Disclaimer: I originally found this recipe on some other cooking site but I've made some changes to the cook times and things.

1 lb ground beef
1 16 oz box ziti pasta (penne also works)
1 or 2 28 oz cans of crushed tomatoes
1 lb sharp cheddar cheese (1 bag)
Parmesan cheese
Seasonings (I like to use oregano, garlic, salt, and pepper)
Olive oil

Serving size: 6

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees
- Cook pasta, just a little under the called for time (pasta will cook more when it bakes; don't forget to put some olive oil and salt in the water prior to adding the pasta)
- While pasta is cooking, cook the beef. Add in whatever seasonings you like.
- Drain the beef grease.
- Add in crushed tomatoes (I usually use 1 - 1.5 cans but it really depends on how thick of a sauce you like)
- Add in about 2/3 the bag of cheese. Let the mixture to simmer on medium low to help melt the cheese
- Drain the pasta and rinse in cold water
- Add 1/2 pasta to a greased 13x9 pan. Coat it with 1/2 the sauce. Repeat.
- Cook for 30 minutes, then immediately add remaining cheddar cheese to the top of the casserole and sprinkle with parmesan to taste.
- Put (uncovered) back in the oven for another 10-20 minutes until the top has bubbled and browned.

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  1. I have a recipe similar to this, but you use pasta sauce - then I add cooked onions and green peppers and colby jack cheese but its a good easy dinner!