Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Polish Feast - Kielbasi and Pierogies

As some of you might know, my mom is 100% Polish and this is a staple dinner in our house and now one for Andrew and I. Its easy to make and is pretty inexpensive.

1 Package of Hillshire Farms (or off brand, it doesn't matter) Polish or Smoked Kielbasi - there are lower fat and sodium versions out there too! It is normally in the section of the grocery store where you find the hot dogs and sausage.

-Simply remove the Kielbasi from the package and place into a deep skillet and cover about 1/2 way with water, simmer on low heat until it is warmed through. I like to turn it over every few minutes so both sides get good and warmed.
- Once cooked cut into serving sized pieces (I like to dip in ketchup, you could also garnish with sauerkraut but I don't really like that stuff)

You can get these in a box at the grocery store in the freezer section - the name brand is Mrs. T's and if any of you shop at Aldi they have Pierogies too! If you cannot find these, then I am sorry that I stink at this....you could always serve the Kielbasi with fried potatoes or hash browns, I do that every now and again.

- The box will say to boil them, but really please don't do that because it tastes icky. Instead try this:

- Slice up about 1/4 to 1/2 of a white onion (all depends on the size) and cook in a few tablespoons of butter until soft.
- Add in the frozen pierogies and cook until slightly browned and de-thawed.
- Garnish with the onions, you can also serve these with sour cream or applesauce, but that is all a preference type of thing.

What to look for at the store - the Bremer Pierogies are from Aldi.

The meal cooked!

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  1. I like to boil my pierogies just until they float, then fry them in butter, with some onion. Once they crisp up, sprinkle a little bit of seasoning salt on them, and serve with sour cream and sprinkled cheddar cheese! Try them like that! YUM!